Promoting your short term holiday let property has never been easier with platforms such as AirBnb which has become a global go-to for finding places to stay.  So surely you just jump on there, throw up a listing and the bookings will roll in right?  WRONG!  With so many listings, it’s easy for your listing to get lost in the crowd.  That’s why we’ve put together this guide to take your listing from good to great.

Where to list?

If you are relying solely on AirBnb for your listing then you may be missing out.  There are dozens of different sites you are able to list your property on.  Some of these sites will give you access to potential guests that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  Here are just some of the options you may want to check out:

At Cozie Homes, we list our clients properties on all these sites and more to ensure we keep your property fully booked wherever possible.

Photos that take your listing from good to great

The biggest way to take your listing from good to great is with photos.  Photos are what “sell” your property to potential guests.  It’s simply not enough to take a few quick amateur snaps on your phone and hope people see how amazing your property is. 

When you choose Cozie Homes to manage your AirBnb property, we enlist the services of an expert photographer and ensure your property is looking it’s absolute best on your listing.

It’s important to look for the minor details – have toilet paper neatly folded, towels hung/folded/rolled neatly and placed appropriately, cushions fluffed etc.

Another key point is to ensure that when you upload the photos that they are placed in a logical order that flows through the property. There’s no point having three photos of the same room from different angles all spread out between other photos or mixing the indoor photos through the outdoor photos.  It needs to make sense to your potential guests.

Floor plans to take your listing from good to great

Think about getting a floorplan drawn up and including that in your listing.  A floor plan can build trust when combined with excellent photos as potential guests can really get a solid feel for the layout of the property and whether it will work for them.  According to CubiCasa, you are more likely to get a booking when you include a floor plan with your listing.  Not sure about you but that seems like an easy way to take your listing from good to great!

It’s all in a name

If you were starting up a business, you’d want to come up with a catchy, memorable name so why not do the same for your property?  By naming your holiday let property you give it a brand which helps guests to remember who you are, easily recommend you to others and make you stand out from the competition.

The Secret Treehouse is a property that Cozie Homes manages and by giving it that name, it has generated far more bookings than if it was simply listed as “Home in Earlville” or something else mundane and boring.  The name is intriguing and sums up the overall feel of the property.  Admit it, you want to click on that link just to see what this property looks like!

The devil in the details

You never know what is important to a particular guest before they book.  For some people, not having a bath tub is a deal breaker, for others it might be wifi or a hair dryer!  When completing the details in the listing, be sure to be as thorough as possible and consider adding some of the small features or amenities that could be a make or break thing for some guests.

A great example of this is the Carbon Monoxide Alarm option on AirBnb.  It may not be something you’d ever consider but for someone who has experienced an incident related to this, it might make them feel safer in your property.  You can purchase a Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Bunnings for as little as $30! 

Ticking as many of the boxes as possible is a way to take your listing from good to great and create raving fans.

Copywriting to take your listing from good to great

One thing most property owners find difficult is coming up with a description for the property.  It’s very easy to draw a blank about what to say or to use far too many words.  Keep it too clinical and your property won’t stand out.  Make it over the top and you’ll turn people off.  At Cozie Homes, we believe that every property has a story and telling that story in the right way can take your listing from good to great.  Here are a few ideas of how you can personalise and tell the story of the property:

  • Paint a picture of how they might enjoy the property
  • Tell a brief history of the property (if relevant)
  • Suggest what they might like to do while staying there
  • Include recommendations for local restaurants/cafes/bars
  • Talk about local wildlife or pets they may encounter

Mylara Beachfront Holiday Home is a great example of how you can tell your property’s story to “sell” it.  Think about what your guests might be coming for and ensure you highlight how your property will provide them with or complement that.


It’s not enough to just be listed these days.  You need to take your listing from good to great to ensure that you are getting as many bookings as possible.  At Cozie Homes, we do all of this and more to ensure that our clients are maximising their return on investment.  If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat.