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At Cozie Homes, we understand owners’ needs because of our own personal experiences. We started out on Airbnb with a single room in our own house. Our success with this single room inspired us to let an entire floor, offering a cozie, self-contained apartment in our Queenslander. This eventually became two apartments, and we then spent a couple of years creating the perfect formula for maximising bookings and customer satisfaction.

A year later, we bought a second property and repeated the formula, to great success. Now, a few years down the line, we are a fully licensed real estate agency with a plethora of awesome properties, which we manage on behalf of their owners. Each one unique in its own way, sympathetically handled to reflect the style and personality of the owner.

With a strong background in hospitality and Cairns-focussed tourism, we really do have what it takes to make your guests feel welcome and happy during their stay. Our attentive, professional approach generates regular 5 star reviews to maximise ongoing revenue for you.


Which areas do you service?
We look after properties in Cairns and its surrounding suburbs as well as the Northern Beaches up to Palm Cove.
What makes a good AirBnB property?
Due to the high number of AirBnB properties in Cairns, we like to take on properties that are a little bit unique to give that point of difference when marketing. That being said, a well appointed home in any of the popular tourist areas such as the CBD, beaches or Edge hill will generally perform well. Swimming pools and multiple bathrooms are hugely beneficial. We can help to get any property looking the part.
What makes Cozie Homes different?
We believe we do a little bit more for our guests. We offer a continental breakfast to all guests checking in to ensure early and late arrival guests are never caught short. We supply all the linen for each guest stay, meaning there are no linen costs to the owner. Cozie Homes operates a small portfolio of properties meaning we have the time to ensure that your property is performing as well as it can be. If a customer calls the host we answer straight away. No call centres.
What do you charge?

Cozie Homes will take over the full management of your property for a 20% fee of the nightly rate. There are no charges if there are no guests in the property or if you are using the property for yourself.

What are classed as ''consumables''?
Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Washing Powder, Dishwashing Liquid, Dishwashing Tablets, Rubbish Bin Bags, Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Milk, Toilet Paper and Tissues. These are all supplied by Cozie Homes at no cost to the owner.
Who pays for cleaning?
The guest will be charged directly for the cost of cleaning for each stay. This will be a set amount for each booking which Cozie Homes will use to cover the cleaning costs.
How do I get paid?
All of your earnings are paid directly into a trust account which is monitored by the office of fair trading. At the end of each month, the funds will be dispersed into an account of your choice, minus any approved expenditure along with a full report of the earnings.
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We are here to help people who want their properties to work that little bit harder for them, earning a much higher yield than generally achieved through long term rentals.

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